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Alison Rey is marking St. Patrick’s Day by releasing an exclusive holiday-themed virtual sex clip, available to her OnlyFans subscribers.

According to history and lore, St Patrick was a luckless 5th Century man who, after being enslaved by pagan Irish, found God and became a priest and missionary.  Patrick went on to his reward one gray March 17, and in his honor, many Lenten restrictions, such as those on drinking alcohol, are traditionally lifted for the day . . . so why not take things a step farther?

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While some cynics say that there’s nothing at the end of the rainbow, even nothing to grow up for anymore, this St. Patrick’s Day, Alison Rey puts the lie to that depressive tripe: there is indeed a treasure to be uncovered.

“You may have heard that a pot of gold awaits if you ever find the end of a rainbow, but have you ever heard of getting lucky at the end of a rainbow?” Rey asked rhetorically.

“This St. Patty’s Day, my fans can enjoy a virtual sex clip where they get to nail a slutty little Leprechaun to their heart’s content.”

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And that beats the hell out of a Shamrock Shake or dyeing a river green.

“Holiday content is just always ridiculously fun to shoot,” Rey added. “There’s so much more creative freedom because the concepts are usually pretty ridiculous to fit the theme.”

Enjoy St Patrick’s Day with Alison Rey on her OnlyFans page by visiting here: onlyfans.com/alisonreyxo

The performer/director recently returned to her roots with a renewed focus on performing and creating content for her fans, after a year of flexing her behind-the-camera prowess.

Follow Alison Rey’s exploits on Twitter: @AlisonReyxxx, her new Instagram: @areyosunshine, TikTok: @alisonunhinged, and her personal website, AlisonReyFans.com.

Babepedia: https://www.babepedia.com/babe/Alison_Rey

Chaturbate - 724x90f
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