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Former high fashion runway model and powerhouse Playboy Plus All-Star model and producer Ana Foxxx knows how to take a scene and make it her own. In her latest scene from Delphine Films, she wows with her acting, sensuality, and chemistry with her co-star, Will Pounder.

Directed by Bloomer Yang, “Mommy & Daddy” is all about getting away and celebrating Mother’s Day. Ana Foxxx and Will Pounder rent an Airbnb but are disgusted when they find it filthy and smelly with no food amenities. The place is a nightmare, and every room is a new horror show. Will calls the owner only to get screamed at, so they decide to make the best of the holiday weekend. Since there’s nowhere else to go—they clean up the place, go to the grocery store, and plan for a night in. They have a date night where they’re dressed up, listening to jazz music, and enjoying dinner, wine, and each other’s company. But they both get so hot that they end up stripping down and going straight for dessert upstairs. Ana enjoys Will taking care of her because she’s not used to being care of. They have a sexy night in bed and enjoy each other’s company over and over.

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Watch the trailer on Twitter twitter.com/DelphineFilms/status/1653452192769277954?s=20 and full scene at delphinefilms.com.

“Bloomer and Will are always a great day on set. I love scenes where I show off my acting skills, and about half of ‘Mommy & Daddy’ let me do that. Will and I have great chemistry, which definitely comes through throughout the scene. I hope the Delphine Films’ members and my fans enjoy it and make sure to heart it after watching,” says Ana Foxxx.

On Sunday, Ana’s interview for Holly Randall Unfiltered went live on YouTube youtube.com/c/hollyrandallunfiltered and it will also be available on all the major podcast platforms like Apple, Stitcher, Spotify, and Audible. It’s Ana’s second time on the uber-popular podcast, but they have much to discuss.

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Babepedia: https://www.babepedia.com/babe/Ana_Foxxx

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