Chaturbate severs ties with YNOT citing “Unethical, Reprehensible, and Possibly Illegal Conduct of a YNOT Exec.”

YNOT is skating on thin ice when it comes to industry adult webcam titan, Chaturbate. In a recent post to their Twitter page on June 8, 2022, Chaturbate tweeted the following “We commend and stand with all content creators who have bravely come forward to ensure that the reprehensible conduct associated with a YNOT executive comes to an immediate end. Per the attached letter, Chaturbate has withdrawn all support and sponsorship of any YNOT events.”

In this official letter, Chaturbate stated in a portion, “To say that we are saddened by what Jay has done-and what Connor has seemily been complicit in – is an understatement…Therefore, we hereby withdraw our support of YNOT and all events put on by YNOT.

You can read the full Tweet here: https://twitter.com/chaturbate/status/1666677169584766976

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However, Connor Young, CEO and co-founder of YNOT came with a post of his own 2 days before Chaturbate released their message. Connor Tweeted the following messages to his Twitter page June 6, 2023, and June 7, 2023 respectively.

You can find the links here directly:

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Chaturbate has been a partner of YNOT for some time now as a sponsor of YNOT’s events and #YNOTCammunity. Since Chaturbate has decided to pull all sponsorship and affiliations from YNOT, it’s unknown as to what the future holds for the well known industry media company who’s podcast has featured some of the industry’s biggest names.

As of the writing of this post, it’s unclear the direction YNOT will take regarding their events and future sponsors.

CamSoda - Olivia - 900x250

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