Connie Perignon Makes Her Digital Playground Debut in Ep 3 of Dirty Cops – @connperignon, @therubpr

Digital Playground’s big-budget feature “Dirty Cops” is a hit and heavily tattooed, award-winning, and published Taiwanese adult performer with dangerous curves; Connie Perignon makes her epic debut in Episode 3, which dropped yesterday.

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The four-part Digital Playground gritty cop drama “Dirty Cops” debuted earlier this month. Directed by Ricky Greenwood, Episode 3 introduces two new characters: Cindy (Connie Perignon) and Gigi (Xwife Karen). The two ladies trade their sexy streetwear in for orange jumpsuits as they are brought in for questioning because they were working for Gibbs the night Officer Alf disappeared. District Attorney Hopkins (Isiah Maxwell) interviewed them, and the girls hinted that they might be able to help them find the missing cop but not from lockup. Officer Baker (Jmac) takes the women back to their cell, and Cindy and Gigi see an opportunity to escape. They treat Officer Baker to a show that ends up a crazy three-way with a lot of sweet talking. After he busts on their faces, the girls bust out of jail.

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“I always wanted to do a feature and work with Ricky, and it was as incredible as I thought it would be! I hope to score a supporting actress nomination or two this awards season and am honored to be part of such an incredible project,” says Connie Perignon.

Watch the trailer and exclusive scene for “Dirty Cops – Episode 3” at digitalplayground.com/scene/10189081/dirty-cops-episode-3.

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