Elaina St. James Talks Catfishers, Scammers and Stalkers in Adult on Podcast – @ElainaStJames, @theRubPR

Real Midwest mom, next door with big natural boobs and a naughty side, content creator, a published author, and award-nominated podcaster Elaina St James, has her share of catfishers, scammers, and stalkers during her time adult, and now she’s sharing her experiences to help other in the industry and beyond.

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In a new episode of her podcast Chat N Laugh with Elaina St James, Elaina deals with a sensitive subject in adult. Catfishers, scammers, and stalkers are prevalent problems that lead to unwanted attention, impersonations, theft of content, and fan deception. Having dealt with these serious issues, Elaina talks about her experiences of dealing with fake accounts on Facebook and TikTok and the lack of protection the social media companies offer, unauthorized use of her content, misleading ads using her image, and the potential use of AI technology to create fake content.

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She offers some eye-opening advice for fans and content creators to protect themselves, including verifying the authenticity of creators, being cautious and verifying information on platforms to protect themselves from scams and catfishing, and holding social media companies accountable for not providing adequate protection against scammers and fake accounts and the creation of misleading ads using content creators’ images. Elaina’s new podcast has a lot of important info for anyone in the adult industry, whether they’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran.

“I really wanted this podcast to be informative. People are unaware of one or more of these types of problems. Many people in the industry will relate to these topics and have better insight when dealing with them if they come up again or help someone else. Fans also fall prey to scams, which will also be informative to them,” says Elaina St. James.

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Check out the video version of “Chat N Laugh with Elaina St James: Ep 13 Catfishers, Scammers, Stalkers, Oh My!” on her YouTube Channel at youtube.com/@elainastjames. The audio version is available on Apple Podcasts podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/chat-with-elaina-st-james/id1706176701?i=1000651920522 and Spotify open.spotify.com/episode/6c8aGTd1cIQOdRZjgqjyw0?si=MDgiBS0TT9-qUhlsiEh9YQ.

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