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All-natural, statuesque, busty, long-legged, and blonde-haired international published fashion model, fashionista, artist, and your favorite fantasy girl, Skye Blue, has made her Parasited debut and comes under the spell of aliens.

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Directed by Ricky Greenwood, Parasited’s “Hotel Malaise” opens with Skye Blue and Queenie Sateen stopping at a small rundown motel while on their road trip. The minute they entered their room, they were on edge. When Skye sits down on the bed, she feels a strange, slimy substance on the bed. She gets grossed out and wants to leave, but the television flips on, and they see something moving under the sheets. Skye finds an alien creature she thinks is harmless, but it jumps into her mouth, and the parasite takeover begins. Once in her system, Skye has an insatiable need for sex. Queenie tries to escape, but Skye transfers the creature from her mouth to Queenie’s. She’s immediately under the mind control of the parasite. The girls surrender to their intense needs and have a wild lesbian sex-fueled night in the creepy motel.

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“I’ve done anything quite like Parasited, and it was a lot of fun getting to act, be possessed, and have hot sex with Queenie. I love the way it’s shot, too. I think my fans will enjoy seeing me in this scene,” says Skye Blue.

Parasited members are already asking to have Skye back and call her “amazing.” Watch the preview and exclusive scene for “Hotel Malaise” at parasited.com/motel-malaise.

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