Sophia Locke and Jewelz Blu gets Parasited in “Welcome to the Team” – @jewelz_blu, @_SophiaLocke_

Sophia Locke and Jewelz Blu exhibit a raunchy display of wet and sticky sexual exchange in Welcome to the Team, by Parasite, directed by Ricky Greenwood. Jewelz Blu is told by her boss, Sophia Locke that she needs to go through an initiation to officially become a team member. The initiation involes drinking an alien parasite… What could go wrong?

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Babepedia – Sophia Lockehttps://www.babepedia.com/babe/Sophia_Locke
Babepedia – Jewelz Bluhttps://www.babepedia.com/babe/Jewelz_Blu

Sophia Locke has a hot new intern Jewelz Blu, and she’s looking to make her a permanent part of the team. Jewelz is ecstatic, however, she has to go through an initiation process, that involves no other than a big alien worm. Sophia presents the glass with liquid where the worm is submerged to Jewelz, who instantly gets repulsed by the creature.

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She tries to decline the offer but Sophia won’t take no for an answer, she makes Jewelz drink from the glass until the worm is inside her belly. It gives Jewelz the cramps until she’s on the floor, writhing from the overflow of emotions. Sophia’s plan all along was to seduce Jewelz and have them fuck each other’s brains out, and once the worm does its thing, that’s exactly what she gets.

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Soon Jewelz is under the influence of the alien parasite, her eyes turn completely white, and she gets an insatiable urge to fuck. Sophia spreads her legs and gets undressed by Jewelz until her pussy is getting eaten out by the blue-haired intern. But that’s not enough, no, she wants the worm herself, and she gets it as Jewelz spits it out through her mouth and inside Sophia’s pussy.

Now as both of them are parasited, Sophia and Jewelz can finally surrender to their urges and set themselves on a path of the wildest, lust-filled lesbian night.

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Babepedia – Sophia Locke: https://www.babepedia.com/babe/Sophia_Locke
Babepedia – Jewelz Blu: https://www.babepedia.com/babe/Jewelz_Blu

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