Vanessa Sky and Queenie Sateen Star in ‘Whoops! You’re Not My Stepmom!’

Queenie Sateen has invited over her friend Vanessa Sky, so they can treat themselves to lounging by the pool together in their swimsuits. Vanessa asks about Queenie’s stepson, Lucas Frost, and Queenie says that he’s still at school. Queenie then helpfully applies suntan lotion to Vanessa’s beautiful bikini-clad body, and they both lie down on their stomachs so they can tan their backs. But after a few moments of relaxation, Queenie chuckles and says it FIGURES that after getting comfortable, she needs to go to the bathroom! She gets up and leaves to use the washroom, while Vanessa continues to relax by the pool.

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Meanwhile, Lucas comes in through the front door, arriving home from school early. He decides to surprise Queenie. Going out to the pool, he sees Vanessa from behind and mistakes her for Queenie, asking if she’s ready for her stepson’s big cock. When Vanessa whirls around in surprise, Lucas realizes that she’s not Queenie… and that he just gave away that he and his stepmom are in a sexual relationship!

Queenie then returns from the washroom, and Vanessa asks if she’s having an affair with Lucas. Queenie is embarrassed, and begs her to keep it a secret. Vanessa says that she will… but she also wants to join in! Everyone agrees to it, and they have a steamy outdoor threesome.

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