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Eliza Ibarra and Shay Sights Get Naughty in Girl-Girl action in ‘Too Much Of A Good Thong’ from Mommy’s Girl – @Eliza22Ibarra, @Shay_Sights, @Adulttimecom

Directed by Michael Vegas, Girlsway’s “Too Much of a Good Thong” is part of the Mommy’s Girl series and stars Shay Sights and Eliza Ibarra. Shay lectures her stepdaughter about stealing Shay’s used panties to sniff them. Eliza swears she was going to give them back. Shay tells Eliza she doesn’t want her stepdaughter being a panty-stealing pervert. Then Shay comes up with a new plan—she will make Eliza sniff her panties until she never wants to do it again. But that doesn’t work either and actually overstimulates her. Finally, Shay decides to take it to the next level and gives Eliza direct access to her pussy to fix the problem. This excites Eliza, who happily agrees. Throughout the rest of the scene, Eliza goes down on Shay and continues to sniff her panties, hoping she’ll be cured.

Watch ‘Too Much Of A Good Thong’, ft. Eliza Ibarra, Shay Sights on Adult Time

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“Watching my new Girlsway scene when it debuts on Saturday is a great way to spend the day. And after watching it, give it a thumbs-up to let Girlsway know how much you enjoyed it,” says Shay Sights.

Watch the trailer and the exclusive scene for “Too Much of a Good Thong” at a. And see all of Shay’s Girlsway scenes at girlsway.com/en/pornstar/view/Shay-Sights/91833.

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Episode Summary

Shay Sights lectures her stepdaughter, Eliza Ibarra, because Eliza has been stealing Shay’s used panties to sniff them. Eliza sheepishly says that she was going to give them back, but Shay says that’s besides the point – Eliza shouldn’t be taking them in the first place!

Shay says that she’s punishing Eliza by having her sniff ALL of Shay’s used panties from the week, saying that it’s sure to make Eliza so sick of Shay’s panties that she’ll never steal or sniff them again. Eliza looks delighted at this idea of ‘punishment’, but Shay is confident that Eliza won’t be smiling for long.

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Watch ‘Too Much Of A Good Thong’, ft. Eliza Ibarra, Shay Sights on Adult Time

Eliza eagerly sniffs various pairs of panties, her eyelids fluttering with pleasure as she takes deep breaths from Shay’s used underwear. Shay watches with growing disbelief and concern, as Eliza doesn’t seem to be getting sick of the panties at all. In fact, after sniffing all the panties, Eliza is still completely panty-crazed. Shay says that maybe she needs to overstimulate Eliza by taking things to the next level… giving Eliza direct access to her PUSSY. Needless to say, Eliza happily agrees to it!

Episode Rating: 6.5/10

Watch ‘Too Much Of A Good Thong’, ft. Eliza Ibarra, Shay Sights on Adult Time

Babepedia – Shay Sights: https://www.babepedia.com/babe/Shay_Sights
Babepedia – Eliza Ibarra: https://www.babepedia.com/babe/Eliza_Ibarra

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