makoto_mai – Curvy Big Booty Asian Babe is Oiled up for Cam Show

I caught makoto_mai with her ass in full display. The curvy voluptuous Asian babe knows how to rock her figure and get her fans going. She had her trusty transparent silicone dildo that was already with her pussy juice.

A little later on from several minutes of her booty wowing the room, she positioned the cam to show her cute face. After a while she later took out her big brown dildo and started riding her dildo with her sweet twat being stretched by her toy. After several round of that, she took out another toy, this time it was a cock up silicone toy, which the then rode her pussy to pleasure for several more minutes.

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Throughout the remainder of the show, she gave you more than enough ass and pussy play, even showing off her full body at some points so you get to see her full curvy figure without being hindered. I left the show as she went back to riding her dick bust toy, but wow, I was satisfied with what she delivered. A must watch if you like curvy Asian webcam models. Top rated indeed.

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Watch Live: makoto_mai

Standout Feature(s): Ass, overall curves

Overall Rating: 8.8/10
Performance: 8.7/10
Appearance: 7/10
Re-watch Value: 8.9/10

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