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Feed Me – Lulu Chu Shines in the Dramatic SciFi Fantasy Epic – A Complete Review – @luluchuofficial, @xoispyseptember, @ApolloBanksXXX, @TommyPistol, @adulttimecom

Lulu Chu needs to feed her sexual appetite to tame the monster insider her…literally. Where Feed Me lacks in lasting thrill factor, it makes up for that in virtually every other area, in a spectacular story driven 4 part epic. Lulu Chu is the driving force behind what I feel is a successful blend of acting and raw on screen sex-travaganza. I finally got the chance to watch all 4 parts and was glad I did. Here’s my take on Feed Me, a sci-fi fantasy epic feature series from Adult Time.

Feed Me: Watch on Adult Time

Lulu plays Sally, a young woman who wants to take time to enjoy life on her own terms, not tied to a boyfriend or be pressured into married or going to college. She want s to explore and be free. In the midst of it all she finds her self tied to something else. A dark entity that one night chooses her to bond with and as a result needs to feed on all the sexual energy it can get. This progressively turns Lulu into super nympho, needing to feed the beast inside before it kills her.

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Feed Me: Watch on Adult Time

As typical, Adult Time films have a picture quality that rivals some of the top non-adult mainstream works. Feed Me uses mood, lighting and character driven performance to craft a story compelling enough to keep you binging one episode to the next. Led by the fiesty and uber talented Lulu Chu, Feed Me delivers on many fronts, yet as good as it is, I was left feeling that something was missing from the overall delivery of the series.

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The Bad

The tightly filmed story-based four part feature does a good job of telling the story. However, because of the sprawling 4 parts ranging from 36min to 53min in length, there were some parts that I felt fell flat and could have been cut from the film. Though Lulu had a strong performance, Apollo Banks’ character did not do much to balance the dynamic between him and Lulu. The scene with the two felt a little awkward at times as it seems like Apollo was trying to find his place on the same acting floor as Lulu. This was very evident in Episode 1. What saved Apollo was the well paced sex scene between him and Lulu.

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Feed Me: Watch on Adult Time

Another thing that I did not like was the story lost the strong sense of mystery as the series progressed. Instead of a massive crescendo that brings it all together, and the use of certain characters, such as the nun to bring something truly unique to the picture, the story I felt fell into a stereotypical daze, with few bright points after episode 2. But that’s really it for the bad. If you can get past these things, then Feed Me will tickle your fancy in more ways than one.

The Good

OH MY GOODNESS…can Lulu Chu ever fuck! The little Asian that could truly stole the show. One might not have originally put Lulu in the acting block, but after her performance in Feed Me, I want more of her in roles like this. Starring opposite industry vet Tommy Pistol, Lulu solidified her place as not just a good actress, but an overall A-1 performer. Her acting was well paced and appropriate for each scene. Unlike some of the other cast members who seemed to exaggerate their role, Lulu’s was believable. Of course there’s nothing to be said about Tommy Pistol who often is praised for his ability to take on strong character driven roles.

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Feed Me: Watch on Adult Time

I loved all the major sex scenes, episode one being my favorite between Lulu Chu and Apollo Banks. There seemed to be a natural sexual chemistry present despite Apollo’s less than stellar character acting. He certainly made up for it as he fucked Lulu into oblivion. Lulu is not to be outdone though. She reciprocated the same sexual energy in the scene, making it the number one sex scene in the series for me.

Feed Me: Watch on Adult Time

September Reign makes an appearance and is in the feature sex scene in episode 3. The busty, raspy voiced hottie plays Lulu’s best friend who eventually seduces her into girl girl play. Lulu obliges and the two share a great sex scene that left me feeling satisfied with the overall scene with the two gals.

Final Thoughts

Feed Me, might not make it to the top 5 Adult Time Features list, but it surely is in my top 10. When compared to other awesome features like Grinders, and Teenage Lesbian, Feed Me stands right there with them. Overall, I believe you will enjoy Feed Me for what it offers, and you will also appreciate the intense sex scenes. Though it has it’s flaws, you can surely find something to like about Feed Me.

Feed Me: Watch on Adult Time


  • Overall Rating: 7.2/10
  • Performances: 7.7/10
  • Re-Watch Value: 7.10

Feed Me: Watch on Adult Time

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