Lulu Chu and Jennie Rose Star in ‘This Brings Me Back’, a Streamy Asian Girl Girl Episode from Girlsway

Lulu Chu and her co-star Jennie Rose team up for a steamy, sexy, good old fashioned girl girl action. Featured on Adult Time, the Girlsway episode, ‘This Brings Me Back’, is a tale of a woman who revisits her childhood home. Memories flood through her and as she visits her old room and that’s when both Lulu and Jennie get that undeniable spark. Check out the episode synopsis below.

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Lulu Chu is just tidying up her living room when there’s a knock at the front door. She’s a bit puzzled as she goes to the door – she certainly wasn’t expecting any visitors today. When she opens the door, she’s greeted by Jennie Rose, who explains that she used to live in this house when she was younger. If it isn’t too inconvenient, she asks Lulu if she could come and take a peek inside for old-time’s sake. Lulu is more than happy to oblige and invites her inside for a tour.

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Jennie and Lulu walk from room to room, with Jennie reminiscing about the good old days as she does. As Jennie reminds herself of the home’s unique charms, she ends up bonding a bit with Lulu, who can relate to some of the details that Jennie is talking about. Before long, they arrive to the bedroom, and Jennie is almost overcome with nostalgia.

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Jennie shares that this is the very bedroom where she lost her virginity, which causes Lulu to make a joke about how her current sex life is quite boring. Their bond develops and, before they know it, they find themselves contemplating whether or not they can get even closer… on the bed. They decide to make some new memories together, by having sensual, intimate sex on Jennie’s old bed.

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Episode Rating: 8.9/10

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Adult Time: Watch the full episode – Search “This Brings Me Back”

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