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Maya Woulfe and Leana Lovings star in Adult Time’s “Switch: Exchange”

Maya Woulfe has been on a journey, exploring the boundaries and uncharted regions of sex and intimacy through her experiences as a sub. As she fills a bathtub with steaming water and gets out of her robes, she recalls some of the rules she follows so that her dom is always satisfied.

She will make her body available for her dom to use at any time. She will anticipate her dom’s needs before her dom needs to ask for them. She will thank her dom for every orgasm her dom allows her to have. And, lastly, she will keep her body clean and groomed for her dom’s pleasure.

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But today, Maya has chosen to switch things up. For once, SHE’D like to be the one who sets the rules, so she’s enlisted the help of Leana Lovings to be her sub. What kind of dom will Maya be? Will she be confident and stern… or affirming and fair? There’s only ONE way to find out… by taking the power for herself.

Switch: Exchange, Feat. Maya Woulfe, Leana Lovings [Trailer]

Switch: Exchange, Feat. Maya Woulfe, Leana Lovings [Trailer]

Switch: Exchange, Feat. Maya Woulfe, Leana Lovings [Trailer]

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