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Nicole Doshi helps Will Pounder Relax in ‘I Need Release’ – A Nuru Massage episode from Adult Time [ Extensive Review ]- @nicoledoshi, @AdultTimecom

Nicole Doshi is truly solidifying herself as a premier act in the adult film industry, and her performance in the latest Nuru Massage episode, ‘I Need Release’ featuring Will Pounder is more proof that she is the it Asian porn star right now. We dive into the episode taking a look at everything from start to finish. This is probably one of my favorite Nuru Massage episodes for the year so far, and this review explains why. Lock yourself in, we’re about to go on a wild and sexy ride.

See Nicole Doshi in ‘I Need Release’: Watch Now on Adult Time

Episode Summary

Nicole Doshi is receiving her newest massage client, Will Pounder, at her home massage studio. They greet each other, and then Nicole asks Will what led him to book a massage with her. Is he feeling stressed? Does he have muscle cramps? Will explains that, in fact, his job has been quite stressful of late. He feels lost and on edge… He needs something to REALLY relax him.

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Nicole has just the massage for Will: a NURU massage. It’s guaranteed to make all his worries MELT away. This is Will’s first time getting such a massage, but he’s open to anything that will rid him of his anxiety. At Nicole’s instruction, Will gets undressed and lies down on the massage mattress that has been placed nearby.

Nicole pours gel over herself, so that her skin is nice and slippery, and then starts gliding her body over her client’s back and front. Will has never felt such intense and soothing sensations before- this is truly remarkable! And before long, it seems like Will’s cock ALSO wants to express its delight. Nicole doesn’t mind and offers to give Will a little treat that is GUARANTEED to keep his worries at bay. They have sensual, wet sex together on the mattress, with Nicole doing everything she can to satisfy her new client.

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Episode Review

The Setup

Nicole Doshi plays an exotic expert masseuse who seeks to have her clients escape from their troubles, relax and enjoy a fully sensual massage experience. The first act opens up with Will Pounder entering the massage facility. Nicole greets and welcomes him in. After asking what she can do for him, Will replies that he just wants to relax and escape the stress. To set things up, Nicole leads him to the massage bed and helps him undress before she too is seen in the background removing her clothes, revealing her uber sexy figure.

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See Nicole Doshi in ‘I Need Release’: Watch Now on Adult Time

There is lots of oily gel used. Nicole pours some over Will’s naked back, then pours some on herself as she admits to using her body as part of the complete massage experience. She does not disappoint. The first act truly sets up the overall theme of relaxing sensuality. I’m not sure if it was intentional but Nicole’s voice adds an ASMR feel to the entire scene; soothing, whispery, breathy. Nicole Doshi plays her role very well here, while Will servers as the perfect co-star.

As the first act moves to a close, Nicole notices that Will’s cock got hard as she slides her body over his. After an apology from Will for what could have been embarrassing moment, Nicole welcomes his stiff dick and proceeds to stroke it with her fully oily hands. Nicole is elegant, beautiful and very convincing as she teases, and titty strokes Will’s dick and sets things up beautifully before the fuck session begins.

The Sex

As the sex scene sets up, Nicole does not hold back one bit. At about the 21min 45sec mark she gently slides Will’s cock into her tight wet pussy. The camera work is stellar, and captures the insertion from the back, showing off Nicole’s plump and tight ass as she starts to ride Wills hard cock. The camera expertly guides you through the entire action, only seeing Nicole from behind, and not at all seeing Will’s face. This for sure heightened the entire intro to the sex scene. It wasn’t until about 4 min later that the camera angle changed and the core of the sex scene began.

Nicole encourages Will to get up, as she proceeded to assume the doggy position. Will glides over, licks her twat, and reinserts his dick into her wet and tight pussy. Nicole goes to work, backing her ass up on his dick as her pussy wraps around his dick like a glove.

See Nicole Doshi in ‘I Need Release’: Watch Now on Adult Time

A few minutes of doggy fucking and Nicole performs some of the most sensual blowjob you’ve seen in recent scenes. She absolutely envelops Will’s cock in her mouth, slurping and spitting and throating like nobody’s business. She continues to tease and suck on Will’s dick without letting up at all. Her head game is superb and the entire blowjob scene is quite an immersive one, putting Nicole Doshi at the top as one of the best blow job delivery gal in porn.

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Things heat up around the 37min and 30sec mark in the video. Nicole is now in the classic cowgirl position and starts to ride Will’s big firm cock. Again being shot from the back, the camera captures the best parts of the fuck session, seldom showing the actors’ faces. You get pulled right into the scene as if it werea POV scene…but it wasn’t. More oil gel was added and Nicole really started to feel the schlong of Will in her perfect pussy. Her ass slaps down on Will’s thighs as she rides him.

The Finale

The last leg of thee sex scene has Nicole on her back and Will sliding his dick in and out of her tightly wrapped vagina lips now angled for you to see her trimmed pubes. Nicole loses herself as the fucking gets set to climax. The final hurrah has an epic close-up view of Nicole’s pussy bouncing up and down over Will’s strong and firm dick.

As she promised, Nicole delivered on what Will was hoping for, a chance to forget about everything and to take away his stresses for a moment. To ensure that it’s an experience he will never forget, Nicole grabs Will’s cock firmly into her grip, and begins to impart a wildly pleasurable hand job that ultimately brings Will to a cumming creamy end. Nicole rubs his dick over her beautiful Asian tits and licks his cum with pleasure.

The Wrap Up

Nicole Doshi absolutely commands this entire episode, and director Jim Powers gets thumbs up for his work of ensuring that the viewer never loses sense of the action. Overall the scene was well done in my opinion. It was certainly one of the better Nuru Massage episodes in the epast year and Nicole Doshi deserves all the accolades.

Review Rating

  • Overall Rating: 9.5/10
  • Sex scene: 8.9/10
  • Overall Performance: 8.5/10
  • Nicole Doshi: 9.7/10
  • Will Pounder: 7.9

See Nicole Doshi in ‘I Need Release’: Watch Now on Adult Time

Babepedia: https://www.babepedia.com/babe/Nicole_Doshi
See Nicole Doshi in ‘I Need Release’: Watch Now on Adult Time

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