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The alternative world site Parasited ( Parasited.com ), where parasites take over hot babes’ bodies, has a new scene featuring three big American stars, bringing a new invasion to the quirky site.

Directed by Ricky Greenwood, “Make It Dirtier” stars Kendra Sunderland, Blake Blossom, and Natasha Nice. Kendra and Blake are interns working for Natasha, who’s asked them to clean her massive vacation house. They might not be happy with the task, but they’re looking forward to using their boss’ credit card to have drinks that night.

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The two split up to get the cleaning done faster. Blake starts snooping around and finds a terrarium. When she leans in to get a better look, an alien parasite jumps right into her mouth, immediately controlling her mind. Kendra goes looking for her and is surprised that Blake passionately kisses her—it’s then Blake transfers the parasite to Kendra’s mouth, and now she’s possessed, too.

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Blake and Kendra go wild and feast on each other’s tits and pussys, unaware their boss Natasha is in the house. Natasha finds them going at each other, but they ambush and ravage her. The parasite is transferred to Natasha through her pussy, and she’s now under the parasite’s spell. It becomes an unforgettable wild lesbian threesome, with Natasha as the object of Kendra and Blake’s carnal desires.

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“Kendra’s scene for Hentaied was very popular, so we brought her over to Parasited. It’s our first time working with Blake and Natasha. The members are going wild for the scene and are asking for more Natasha. We might just have to grant that wish,” says creator/producer Romero Mr. Alien.

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Watch the trailer and exclusive scene for “Make It Dirtier” at parasited.com/make-it-dirtier.

Visit: Parasited Website

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