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shycinderella VS OhVivian(vivianperri) – Puffy Nippled Webcam Babes go Head to Head

If you’re a fan of puffy nipple babes, you’re gonna love this match-up of She VS She. We have the exquisite OhVivian against the adorable and tempting nymph ShyCinderella. Both babes possess similar features and qualities. Both petite cam girls have incredible prominent puffy nipples and a tight little body. In this edition we’ll take a look at their physique and on camera appearance, ass view, their spread, and of course, their puffy nippled tits. Going head to head, who will come out on top? Lets find out. This is ShyCinderella vs OhVivian.

Physique + Camera Presence


Both OhVivian and ShyCinderalla have a cute slim little frame overall having a cute high school girl look. They both have brown hair, though ShyCinderella has her hair long, OhVivian has it short, about shoulder length. Hair length is all about immediate preference so it’s up to you to decide. Both have a very engaging on camera presence that is wildly satisfying if you ever get to watch any of these women go live. However, despite all this, I must say that you get to see more of OhVivian while she performs her shows, while ShyCinderella often hides her face, they her camera showing tits and below. Depending on when you her during her show you may not get to see much of her face, which is a shame since she is so lovely. And for this reason, OhVivian wins this round in my books.

ShyCinderella: 7/10
OhVivian: 8.5/10

Ass View


If you like a big round ass, you won’t find it here with these two hotties. OhVivian and ShyCinderalla have cute plump little asses that are super tempting when they bend over. While we are trying to find a big difference between the two when it comes to booty power, there really isn’t much that they offer one over the other. So for me it’s a draw

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ShyCinderella: 5/10
OhVivian: 5/10

The Spread


Watching these two with their legs spread apart is a treat. First ShyCinderella is clean shaven and her pussy lips are meaty enough for anyone’s satisfaction. OhVivian on the other hand has more protruding pussy lips that are more full and meaty than her opponent here. While pussy play for both of them are great, Vivian has a sight edge if you like more meat down there, while ShyCinderalla has more of your average pussy. Overall aesthetically, OhVivian edges past ShyCinderella in my books.

ShyCinderella: 7/10
OhVivian: 7.5/10

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Puffy Nippled Boobs


The epic puffy nipples on these girls are outstanding. Both have a great set of tits regardless of what angle you catch them. Both women have smooth skin as it appears on camera. ShyCinderella has better lighting than OhVivian, so her appearance on camera is more aesthetically pleasing. Close up you can see just how puffy both of their nipples are, and there is the temptation to want to grab a handful off the screen and suck on them to your hearts content. While that’s only a fantasy, these women are the real deal when it comes to puffy nippled babes.

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Here’s the thing. Though ShyCinderella has a great pair of puffy nips, you won’t always see them puffy, while OhVivian’s areola and nipples generally stay puffed up. This is an important factor when it comes to the fantasy of having puffy nipple fetish. So though when fully engorged ShyCinderalla has slight larger puffy nipples than OhVivian, her puffiness isn’t always as lasting as OhVivian. And with that OhVivian narrowly zips past ShyCinderella,

ShyCinderella: 8/10
OhVivian: 8.5/10



These two petite cam girl sweethearts are certainly awesome to watch. They both will give you a good show and have you cumming in minutes. I like OhVivian’s energy and engagement, but her camera quality at the time of this review is just not as good as ShyCinderella. So, overall ShyCinderalla has a better camera quality which makes the experience with her a little sweeter visually. So for that ShyCinderella is clearly ahead of OhVivian here.

ShyCinderella: 8.5/10
OhVivian: 7/10

Total Rating

These two are certainly ones to remember. Be sure to catch them when they go live and you can enjoy the jaw-dropping visuals of their puffy nippled tits, cute faces and slim teenage type bodies. They’re almost irresistible. So here are the results.

ShyCinderella: 35.5/50
OhVivian: 36.5/50

The Winner is, OhVivian!

And the winner is OhVivian. This was a close match up, but OhVivian comes out on top, largely because she is much more present and engaging in her cam shows. Though ShyCinderalla does have better lighting and camera, it wasn’t enough to get past OhVivian.

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