Top Glamour Model Amber Goes Wild Opens Up about Her Wildest OnlyFans Requests – @Ambergoeswild4, @bsgpr

As one of OnlyFans’ fastest-rising stars, red-hot redhead Amber Goes Wild knows that one of the keys to her continued success is accommodating subscriber requests – and admits that while some of them have been a bit shocking, others have been wildly creative.

The busty jaw-dropper from Brisbane explains that “many fan requests derive from simple day-to-day activities… my shower routine, eating dinner and watching TV. One unique request even asked for a video of me brushing my teeth.

“I’ve also, perhaps not surprisingly, received many foot-related requests, as fans seem to be particularly drawn to my feet – rubbing and moisturising them, painting my toenails, trying on heels, and even ‘sploshing’ through a variety of messy foods while barefoot.

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“One of my recent requests was a doozy, though… I was asked, to the tune of $500 for my troubles, to re-enact the iconic scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where Violet turns into a blueberry after chewing Willy Wonka’s special chewing gum.

“This request included mimicking the exact mannerisms of Violet in a much more sensual and exaggerated way, touching my body and demonstrating a mix of fear and erotic excitement while moaning as if I were actually blowing up. I doubt anyone will be able to top THAT request again, but then again, nothing surprises me anymore!”

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Amber says that she is more than happy to go above and beyond to accommodate her fans’ every desire, and takes pride in her OnlyFans work while she continues to push the envelope with her creativity and willingness to try new things. “I used to kind of freak out on some of the requests, and I still wonder about the psychological origin of many kinks, fetishes and curiosities – how did that become an erotic fixation? Now I just smile, get on with it and enjoy the ride!”

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