Agatha Vega and Geisha Kyd in Beyond Expectations by Sex Art – Review

Beyond Expectations opens with Geisha Kyd taking a shower. First impressions of this beauty is simply WOW! The cinematography from the start was exceptional as Geisha establishes her character’s beauty routine, and shortly after gets naked and puts on a sexy pink two piece lingerie set as she continues to get dressed to kick off the first act. She is seen preparing her bedroom for what seems to be a special guest. Turns out to be an underwhelming sex session with a male partner that doesn’t go so well.

It’s evident that Geisha wanted something more electrifying and her male partner was not doing it for her.

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Setting for Act 2: The Meeting of the Two Women

After a confessing to a female friend, Agatha Vega, that the sex with her partner was terrible, the two have an unlikely connection that ultimate leads to Geisha being fingered by her female friend. She ends up loving it and both women fall comfortably sexual with each other, a set up for what Geisha really wanted the whole time. An opportunity to climax.

The acting is quite natural and the chemistry is good between Agatha and Geisha, and both women have a glow of beauty that is undeniable. The camera angles were spectacular and very cinematic. The lighting captured the mood and the settings gave this film a chic upscale luxurious vibe. Fun an playful is how I would describe the sex scene as both women strip as things rolled into the second act. The sexual bonding of the two.

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The Core Sex Scene

Agatha commands the scene and takes dominance over Geisha, eating her pussy and licking away as Geisha responded to each and every movement Agatha laid on her. Agatha went on the finger Geisha with camera angles giving a perfect blend of closeup shots and establishing environmental shots.

The tribbing session was fantastic, and quite believable. I loved how the camera captures the two women’s all natural bodies, both of them with what I’d dare say are perfect breasts and ass. The sex scene was more artful than pornographic, more sensual than sexual, more dynamic than static. It was simply awesome.

As ‘Beyond Expectations’ wrapped up both women layed there on the couch, naked, and recounting the sexual encounter they just shared over a glass of wine. An overall artsy and beautiful piece of work, Beyond Expectations is certainly deserves a nod for a great job done.

Our Rating: 8.5/10
Adult Time: 9/10

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Scene Summary

Curly-haired cutie Geisha Kyd is preparing for a hot date, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic lesbian movie “Beyond Expectations” begins. She takes a shower, tidies the bedroom, and puts on sexy lingerie, ready for her lover. Sex with a clueless guy (Nick Ross, in a fun cameo role) leaves her unsatisfied, but her stunning girlfriend Agatha Vega finds the perfect way to console her, touching her seductively and then sliding a hand into her jeans to stroke her pussy.

Although hesitant at first, Geisha Kyd is soon quivering with pleasure as the Venezuelan beauty fingerbangs her skillfully. Losing her inhibitions, Geisha Kyd undresses and bends her legs back by her head, opening her pussy up to Agatha’s probing tongue and fingers. She has an intense orgasm that gives her the urge to reciprocate. Face down ass up between Agatha’s spread thighs, she eats pussy enthusiastically. She’s thrilled when Agatha introduces her to the joys of scissoring, and they grind together until they both climax in unison.

This scene features: Blonde, natural tits, fingering, Tattoos, Latina, tribbing, interracial, lingerie, shower, kissing, pussy eating

Cast: Nick Ross & Geisha Kyd & Agatha Vega

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Babepedia – Geisha Kyd (Geishakyd): https://www.babepedia.com/babe/Geisha_Kyd
Babepedia – Agatha Vega: https://www.babepedia.com/babe/Agatha_Vega

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