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charlotte114 VS katestone_again – Battle of the Big Breasted Beauties

charlotte114 and katestone_again are jaw-dropping cam girls that have a lot of goodies to offer their viewers. There’s the obvious curvy assets and busty prowess that they both have, and it’s incredible. charlotte114 VS katestone_again have a large and growing fan base and it shows as each time they go live, hundreds even thousands tune in.

In this She VS She charlotte114 VS katestone_ will be going head to head on ass view, their spread, boobs, and their overall presence. There can only be one winner but this one looks likes it will be a ridiculously close one. Let’s get started.

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Ass View


As you get a chance to observe both women you’ll notice that though they have amazing, curvy and voluptuous figure, they do lack a fully round ass. Now this may matter to some and not so much matter to others. I would like to see a little more plumpness back there, but there are additional assets that make charlotte114 and katestone_again wildly appealing, but we’ll cover that soon. If we are to compare the two, charlotte114 takes a slight edge in the booty category :). That was a tough one to pick but if you take a closer look, you might agree.

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charlotte114: 5.5/10
katestone_again : 5/10

Watch Live: Charlotte114, katestone_again

The Spread


At some point in the cam show you will find that they will spread their legs wide, showing off their beautiful pussy. Depending on your preference, charlotte114 and katestone_again offers something slightly different in this department. They are both shaved at the time at the time of observance. First let’s look at katestone_again. She has an awesome spread with a fairly lippy labia. When she spreads her legs you get more of an interesting picture that you may get with charlotte114 in my opinion. charlotte114 has a slim and tight pussy profile with not much else aside from the tightness to marvel at. I’m sure regardless, time with these babes will be spectacular, but I suppose performing oral on katestone_again will give a bit more to play with, so I say she takes this the spread category.

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charlotte114: 6/10
katestone_again: 7.5/10

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Are you a fan of big tits? Yes, me too, and these women are queens of the big titty committee. This is where charlotte114 and katestone_again are pretty much head to head. Their tits are incredible. Seriously, some of the best on live cam. Yes their are others with great big boobs, but one show with these ladies and you’ll certainly appreciate what they’ve got.

Let’s start with katestone_again. Her tits are gorgeous, full and sits perfectly on her frame. She has little to no blemishes on her breasts or nipples which gives her a smooth overall look. When oiled, you have a beautiful picture of her boobs, and it leaves you speechless.

charlotte114 will not be postured here as she too has a spectacular set of tits she bounces around in her cam shows. Looking slightly bigger than katestone_again’s breasts, charlotte114’s pair does have larger areolas slightly raised. If you’re a fan of dark areolas both charlotte114 and katestone_again lack in this area, but that may not matter once you’re engaged in play with them. You will notice however that charlotte114 does have a little bit of blemishes on her breasts. Though not a big deal at all, when speaking strictly of aesthetics, katestone_again has a slight edge here.

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Overall both women have amazing boobs, but who comes out on top. After carefull consideration, charlotte114 barely edges past katestone_again. There’s something a little more organic about charlotte114’s breasts. Maybe the blemishes make them more desirable, where katestone_again’s boobs appears a little less mature. Now I’m a huge fan of both, so I’m really reaching here in order to justify one over the other.

charlotte114: 9.5/10
katestone_again: 9/10

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Putting these two women against each other was absolutely a fun time to review. They both bring very similar qualities to the table and you can tell from the images. They even have a slight resemblance where they both have raven black hair, tattoos in select areas of their bodies, beautiful doey eyes, curvy figure, and of course huge A-Class tits. charlotte114 overall has a little more of a mature appeal, while katestone_again has a slightly younger appeal. Either way you go, they both will deliver the goods, but which woman takes the overall appeal. This one is a tie for me.

charlotte114: 8.5/10
katestone_again: 8.5/10

Watch Live: Charlotte114, katestone_again

Total Rating

Wow! charlotte114 and katestone_again were two near perfect big breasted nymphs. They both have such amazing qualities and features it makes it almost impossible to distinguish a clear winner here. But alas, there is a winner.

charlotte114: 29.5/40
katestone_again: 30/40

Watch Live: Charlotte114, katestone_again

And the winner is katestone_again

Babepedia – katestone_: https://www.babepedia.com/babe/Kate_Stone

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