Mommy’s Boy Spotlights Adult Time Ambassador Lauren Phillips in “No Pants, No Problem” – @LaurenFillsUp, @adulttimecom, @bsgpr

Adult Time Original Series Mommy’s Boy celebrates the special relationship between stepmoms and stepsons with the taboo brand’s latest freewheeling release (out March 8), “No Pants, No Problem”.

Adult Time Ambassador Lauren Phillips lights up the screen as a sexy stepmom who absent-mindedly walks into her stepson’s (Dan Damage) room naked from the waist down. When she notices his eyes on her, she welcomes the attention and even offers to guide her horny stepson to ecstasy with a stellar sexual experience.

Watch Lauren Phillips in “No Pants, No Problem” on Adult Time

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Mommy’s Boy, the older woman/younger man-themed variant of Girlsway’s legendary lesbian series Mommy’s Girl, is available at MommysBoy.com and on its dedicated channel on the AdultTime.com streaming network.

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Adult Time is home to the most extensive catalog of award-winning erotic content, with unlimited access to over 370 channels, 62,000 episodes and 8+ new releases per day – all in one subscription.

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Watch Lauren Phillips in “No Pants, No Problem” on Adult Time

Scene Details

It is a beautiful morning. Lauren Phillips gets out of bed and walks down the hall, not realizing that she is totally naked from the waist down. She enters the bathroom and greets her stepson, Dan Damage, who is shocked when he sees that Lauren isn’t wearing any pants.

Lauren giggles when she realizes her mistake, and apologizes for forgetting to wear bottoms. She promises Dan that she’ll be better about that in the future. While Dan finishes his morning routine, Lauren waits in the bathroom to take a shower once he’s done. As she waits, Lauren accidentally puts herself in a revealing position, which frustrates Dan.

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Lauren catches Dan sneaking glances at her nakedness. He’s embarrassed but, to his surprise, Lauren is welcoming of it. She offers to guide Dan through a sexual experience. He accepts, and they go to the bedroom for a fun sex session, including deepthroating and tittyfucking. Now THAT’S a great way to start the morning!

Babepedia: https://www.babepedia.com/babe/Lauren_Phillips

Chaturbate - 724x90f

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