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Cami Strella and her beau Find Hidden Cameras in Vacation Rental, Release Racy Footage – @TheCamiStrella, @bsgpr

Adult performers Cami Strella and Lev Lieben got an unexpected – and unpleasant – surprise when the pair recently checked into their California vacation rental and found a hidden camera recording them and their intimate exploits… which they’ve now taken to OnlyFans!

“I noticed that there was a light coming from a charging block… Lev took the charging block and took it apart,” says Strella in a breathless TikTok clip about the unsettling incident. “I know that everyone knows what we do for work, but we still didn’t consent to that being filmed.”

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Lieben notes, “From what I can gather, the footage obtained was limited to the local memory card and did not seem the camera was connected wirelessly to anything, but there’s no way to know for certain.”

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Strella adds, “Regardless of the type of work we do, it’s a huge invasion of our privacy. We weren’t going there to shoot, we went to relax and enjoy ourselves. Deciding to post the footage is the only solution that gives us a sense of control and power over what happened. We are of course cooperating with local law enforcement and are doing this with their permission.”

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The full video is now available free to Strella’s OnlyFans subscribers at: OnlyFans.com/camistrella.

Find and follow Cami Strella at: CamiStrella.com

Chaturbate - 724x90f

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CamSoda - Olivia - 900x250

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