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Vanessa Sky, Kayley Gunner Stun in GG Scene, ‘Where There’s A Will…’, Now Streaming on Adult Time (Review)

The opening scene has Kayley Gunner being met at the door by Vanessa Sky. The setting is quite bright, and the shot angles made for a welcoming scene. Both Vanessa and Kayley sparkled on the screen as the dialogue between the two beauties begun. Kayley being the beneficiary of a sizable inheritance from her aunt was a surprise to her, and Vanessa expresses that Kayley’s aunt was a good friend, and spoke well of Kayley.

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As the first act rolls on I was quite impressed with Vanessa’s acting and the command she seems to have over the role. Kayley on the other hand lacked some of the natural expressions that Vanessa brought to the scene, but overall the dynamic between the two women worked in a really pleasant way. Still in act one there was a period of about a minute and some seconds that had extremely close up shots of the women in dialogue that seemed a bit out of place. However, the tight shots made your eyes glare over the pronounced facia features of both Vanessa and Kayley like their lips and eyes were prominent. Though seemingly out of place I can get that the intention might have been to capture a degree of sensuality and allure these women possess just before the first act ends and second act is about to set itself up.

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Watch: Where There’s A Will

Kaley and Vanessa are undoubtedly beautiful, and the contrast blonde and brunette, big (fake) tits vs small all natural tits make for a fascinating and complimentary visual dynamic. The transition of emotional connection as Kayley admits to Vanessa that she’s into woman just like her aunt was evident, and it all flowed and made sense. Since the first kiss that Vanessa plants on Kayley, you could tell they both have an admiration for each other, and their chemistry is well displayed as the second act rolls in. The amazing Girl Girl action was complimented by some pretty good camera work, though I believe some shots could have provided a more intimate frame.

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What you get from ‘Where There’s A Will’ is a well orchestrated sex scene that truly captures in many ways the best parts of these women. Close ups of Vanessa’s pussy as she gets fingered and eaten out by Kayley is simply a sight to enjoy, and is certainly boner jerker. They kissed deeply and passionately, making sure that each other was sexually pleased, and it all seemed authentic. There was a lot of fingering and pussy licking from both parties. Passionate kissing and eye contact and moaning is all here. I do, however, wish the tribbing scenes were longer, not really seeing any of it until about the 23rd minute.

Watch: Where There’s A Will

The final act had Kayley face deep in Vanessa’s ass, as she licked her pussy from behind. Vanessa is see with one leg on her white desk while the other firmly planted on the ground as Kayley has fun massaging Vanessa’s pussy with her fingers and tongue. The two switch positions and the moans are explosive. Both women have beautiful pussies, and thanks to those close up scenes we get our fair share of seeing them on screen.

The scene wraps up with both women putting their clothes back on and Vanessa askes Kayley if she wants to see how much she’s inherited and proceeds to hand her the cheque. Kayley passes on the check for a moment to savor the moment she just had with Vanessa and goes in for one more set of kisses to her new found gift, Vanessa.

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Directed by James Avalon produced by Gamma Fis, edited by Peachy Gonzalez, and written by Penicio Del Toro, for Adult Time.

Watch: Where There’s A Will


Vanessa Sky, a lawyer, has summoned Kayley Gunner to claim the inheritance of one of Kayley’s recently deceased family members, Nancy. Kayley is surprised since she hadn’t seen Nancy in a long time, but Vanessa reassures Kayley that this is no mistake, citing how Kayley was the only member of Nancy’s family to accept her lesbianism. Vanessa also says that she and Nancy were close friends, so it means a lot to her that Nancy had a supportive family member.

Vanessa reads a letter from Nancy, confirming the inheritance and affirming how big of a difference Kayley’s support made in her life. Kayley gets emotional from hearing the heartfelt letter, so Vanessa comforts her. Vanessa also says that she HERSELF feels grateful to Kayley… without Kayley’s actions, Vanessa and Nancy would probably never have met.

Kayley then admits that she is also a lesbian, and she regrets not having told Nancy before she passed away. Vanessa gives Kayley a hug, which leads to an intimate attraction between them. Could fate have brought them together like this? In the heat of the moment, they agree to have sex as a way to tenderly comfort each other.

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